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  • 1786 Registration Up 14%
  • 142 Awards gained
  • 57 Units
  • 162 Volunteers
  •  4 New units: Ruthnell Technical Institute in Grand Bahama and on New Providence Windsor School, Willimae Pratt School for Girls and C.V. Hart Institute 
  • 2 Units Restarted: New Providence at C.C. Sweeting Sr. and Bimini at Louise McDonald High 
  • Presented Gold Awards
  • Assist with Hurricane Relief effort
  • Participated in Caribbean Award Sub-Regional Council (CASC) AGM and Adventurous Journey held in St. Lucia
  •   Attended and presenter at Americas Region Conference
  • Management Council Chairman attended International Council Meeting held in London
  • Bahamas Award Super Expedition (BASE) sailing to three Bahamian Islands
  • N.G.M. Major High School participants receives 9 Bronze Awards
  • GGYA Recognized by Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture
  • 3 Volunteers selected as Teacher of the Year
  • New Patron
  • Financial support continued from Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture and Ministry of Education, Science & Technology
  • 2nd Grant drawdown from T.K. Foundation
  • First Skill Showcase
  • 2nd Physical Recreation Day


  • South Andros High School receives first Bronze Awards -12 participants.
  • Grants obtained from Cable Bahamas, Lyford Cay Foundation, T.K
    Foundation, Department of Gender Equality and Family Affairs of the
    Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development
  • Financial support continued from Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture and Ministry of Education, Science & Technology.
  • Overall Participation-153
  • New Entrants -1208
  • Awards-156
  • 56 Units
  • Hiring Assistant National Executive Director
  • 5 New Units: Noble Preparatory, Tambearly School, Teleos Christian School, Andros at BAMSI and All Cat Island Unit- 2 schools combined
  • 7 Units  Relaunched: Abaco S.C. Bootle High School; Exuma St. Andrews
    Anglican; On New Providence at :C.I. Gibson High School, Royal
    Bahamas Police Cadets, Temple Christian High School, R.M. Bailey High
    School and St. Andrews High School
  • Participation in the DOE International Forum held in Ghana
  • 4th hosting of Caribbean Award Sub-Regional Council, (CASC),
    Adventurous Journey
  • CASC Assessors and Supervisors certification course
  • National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, Workshop
  • Introduction to Tools of Effective Leadership Course
  • GGYA Young Adventurers restarted
  • Asst. Director attends Duke of Edinburgh's Award, (DOE),"Mini" MBA
    Course at the University of Surrey, U.K
  • DOE International Award #WORLDREADY Promotional Photo Campaign
  • DOE International Award Communication Workshop
  • Launched of the DOE International Award Global Alumni Award Network


  • Deputy elected Deputy Chair to Carribbean Award Sub-Regional Council 9CASC) board.
  • Three volunteers nominated for Volunteer of the Year and one was a runner-up.
  • BTC sponsored 10 Gold participants for the North Andros Unit to attend Bahamas Award Super Expediction (BASE)
  • Approved by CASC to host Caribbean Award Sub-Regional Council Adventourous Journey 2018
  • 31 participants receive Gold Awards.
  • New Units: Educational Alternative Learning Centre and Discovery Club.


  • 1,937 Registered – that’s an increase of 6%.
  • New Unit: Samuel Guy Pinder All Age School (Eleuthera).
  • GAH receives the Prime Minister’s Award Cup for Outstanding Youth.
  • 10th Royal Visit from The Earl of Wessex who presented Gold Awards.
  • The Earl of Wessex visit Abaco.
  • Sir Orville Turnquest retirees as GGYA Board of Trustees.
  • New Chairman Board of Trustees – Mr. John Bethell.
  • National Executive attends IC Meeting in Buckinghamshire, U.K.
  • On-line Learning Hub.


  • Overall Participation – 1828.
  • New Entrants – 1581.
  • Awards – 808.
  • 60 Units.
  • New Units: F. Adderley Junior, S.C. McPherson Junior, L.W. Young Junior , H.O. Nash Junior (New Providence),  & Sister Mary Patricia High (Freeport).
  • The Princess Royal, Princess Anne, & Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling, Governor General presented Gold Awards.
  • Berry Islands gets first Awards.
  • New Field Officer for New Providence.
  • Online Record Book & Award training continued.
  • First kayaking adventure around New Providence Island.
  • First cycling expedition on Grand Bahama.
  • Bahamas 4th in the Americas Regional in participation and Awards that includes 17 countries (Canada, Belize and USA are ahead). Bahamas leads Caribbean countries.



  • Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Review – Secured license.
  • Secured Government funding for fourth year – Gold Initiative Partnership.
  • Third in new participants joining for the region.
  • Two Gold Award Holders (GAH) attended the International Gold Event – South Korea.
  • GAH elected Americas Region Youth Rep. – fourth time.
  • 1,909 Registered – that’s an increase of 11%.
  • 612 Awards presented – increased by 19%.
  • Second bi-annual Bahamas Gold Event.
  • 5 New Units – C.H. Reeves Junior School, New Providence Classical School (New Providence), Alpha Omega Christian (Freeport), Agape Christian Academy (Abaco) and Deep Creek Middle School, (Eleuthera).


  • Silver recipients up 50%.
  • 17% increase in volunteers.
  • Award ceremonies on New Providence, Abaco, Grand Bahama and Andros.
  • Retained Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation Conditional License.
  • The creation of a commemorative 40th Independence mural.


  • 25th Anniversary of the Governor-General’s Youth Award Programme.
  • Host CASC 2012 for the 3rd time.
  • Largest number to receive Gold Award – 43.
  • Elected to International Council.


  • The Earl of Wessex presents Gold Awards in New Providence and Grand Bahama.
  • GAH attends International Gold Event in Kenya and 3rd Americas Region representative.
  • Participate in Junior Junkanoo.


  • New Look for GGYA logo.
  • Victor Chandler new Chairman for the National Council.
  • Partnership with Ministry of Youth – G.O.L.D Initiative.


  • The Earl of Wessex presents Gold Awards
  • Face book set up.
  • 1st ever Special people register.


  • Sir Orville appointed Chairman of the Board of Trustees.
  • New Coordinator in Grand Bahama.
  • New Providence hires full time Filed Officer.
  • 1st ever “Adventure Game” in New Providence.


  • 20th Anniversary of the Governor-General?s Youth Award Programme.
  • First set of commemorative stamps issued.
  • The Earl of Wessex visits Bahamas; rally at Government House.
  • Sailing Adventurous Journey to five Bahamian Islands.
  • Awards up 27%.
  • Chairman of National Council attends International Council (IC) meeting in UK.
  • 1st AIDS/HIV Awareness Day.
  • GGYA Logo Competition.
  • 2nd time participating in Junior Junkanoo.


  • Young offenders unit begins.
  • 72 at risk youth receive Bronze Award.
  • New Patron.
  • National Council Chair elected Chairman of the CASC Council.
  • 1st ever “Camp In” held in New Providence & Grand Bahama.
  • Web page set up.


  • 31 received Gold Award; largest number to date.
  • Hosted Caribbean Award Scheme Council (CASC) for second time.
  • Ministry of Education Award.
  • GAH attends International Gold Event in Hong Kong and 2nd Americas Region representative.
  • 30% increase in participants.


  • Opened GGYA office on Grand Bahama Island.
  • Gold Award Holder awards Ministry of Youth for Outstanding Community Service.
  • Silver awardees receives award for Outstanding Youth in Education.


  • First International Review.
  • GAHA re-established after 6 years absence.
  • Hiring of two GAH as Part-Time Field Officers.
  • Over 1,000 persons registered for GGYA; largest numbers in history of the program.
  • 1st Americas Region Representative appointed.


  • Development Officer hired.
  • Part-Time Development Officer on Grand Bahama in place.
  • 1st Adventurous Journey Sailing venture to six Bahamian Family Islands.
  • Award group from Saskatchewan, Canada take part in BASE.
  • Recipient of Special Projects Grant.
  • Family Island Coordinators appointed (volunteers).
  • GAH attends International Gold Event in Canada.


  • Prince Edwards presents Gold Awards.
  • HRH Prince Phillips attends function at Lyford Cay


  • Granted full membership in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Association
  • Attended Forum in South Africa.


  • GGYA Leaders’ 1st conference.
  • Scotland group from Dundee participate in BASE.


  • HRH Prince Phillips visits Bahamas rally held at Government House.


  • Ministry of Youth Award.
  • Prince Edward presents Gold Awards.


  • Name change/new logo/first GGYA booklet published.


  • Hosted the Caribbean Award Scheme Council (CASC) AGM/Adventurous Journey for the first time.
  • Gold Award Holders Association (GAHA) established.


  • Adventurous Journey Panel appointed.
  • Recipient of Ministry of Youth Outstanding Youth Program.
  • Adventurous Journey Panel appointed.


  • Bermuda Gold Award group takes part in BASE.
  • HRH Prince Philip presents Gold Awards.


  • 2nd National Director Executive appointed.
  • First Gold Awards presented since re-starting and presented by HRH Prince Philip
  • 1st Newsletter published.
  • 1st Family Island units established.
  • National Family Island Adventurous Journey began under the name of: The Bahamas Award Scheme Expedition (BASE).
  • 1st time participating in Junior Junkanoo.


  • Opening of 1st National Award Authority (NAA) office.


  • Hiring of 1st National Executive Director; only country in the Caribbean to hire full time Award Director.
  • Prince Edwards visits Bahamas.


  • Board of Trustees and National Council set up.