On Saturday 24th April, 2020 thirty young people participated in a GGYA event to celebrate Earth Day (originally on April 22nd). They were taught about the benefits of the mangrove system and assisted the Bahamas National Trust in painting signs encouraging people to plant trees… The event was a testament to the fact that, even during this time young people can be responsible to safely engage to make a difference while learning in non-formal ways.

The philosophy of outdoor learning focuses on the value of immersion with your surroundings and among peers, active participation versus passive learning, and an overall experience that informs teamwork as well as individualism. While this way of doing things is still in it’s infancy in many schools around the world, the concept of experiential learning has existed for thousands of years.

More broadly, non-formal education focuses on developing the ‘universal skills’ which help young people ensure they are ready for the world.

Through GGYA, young people can be empowered with not just the confidence but the desire to create meaningful change; to find their purpose, passion and place in the world.